There are several ways to wear a pocket watch. This article covers traditional methods. It also covers how to wound your pocket watch and keep it wound. In addition, it covers the options of using Fob drop and slide chains. Regardless of how you wear your pocket watch, make sure you know which chain is best for you.

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Traditional ways to wear a pocket watch

There are a variety of ways to wear a pocket watch. You can wear a pocket watch as a fashion accessory to add an air of class to your outfit. 

Pocket watches can also be a perfect finishing touch to a three-piece suit. Some manufacturers even offer tips on the proper way to wear a pocket watch

First, pass the chain of the watch through a buttonhole on your waistcoat. Then, tuck the other end of the chain into another pocket on your waistcoat.

  • If you are a right-handed man, you can wear your pocket watch on the left side of your waist. 
    On the other hand, if you are a left-handed person, you can wear your pocket watch on the right side of your waistcoat. This way, you can draw out the pocket watch while using your free hand.

  • Another way to wear a pocket watch is to wear it on your belt. This is usually done with a double chain, which is a little more dramatic than a single chain. 
    Single Albert chains are less dramatic, but give you more room to move your pocket watch around. If you're not into chains, then you can also wear your pocket watch on a single chain.

  • Another way to wear a pocket watch is to attach a chain called a fob to the watch. This chain should be long enough to fit around the wrist and then run through the buttonholes on the other side. 
    The fob may be attached to the pocket with a cigar cutter, or it may be secured with a chain. There are other styles of chains, such as buckles, that can be used to attach the pocket watch safely to clothing.

  • Lastly, a pocket watch can be worn with pants. You can attach the end of the chain to a belt loop, and then tuck the pocket watch inside the pants. 
    Wearing a pocket watch this way is a classic, smart, and timeless look. These men's jeans should be slim or straight-fit, and a pair of loafers or a blazer jacket will complete the look.

Slide chains

Slide chains on a pocket watch are a great way to jazz up an everyday watch. This type of chain can be found on both men's and women's watches and can be used to change up the style of your pocket watch. 

These chains can be worn around your neck or as a necklace with the pocket watch hanging as a pendant. A slide chain is an easy way to dress up a pocket watch without spending much money.

  • The chain attached to your pocket watch can be made from ribbon or metal. Ideally, the chain is made from steel or titanium. A longer chain will help secure your pocket watch. Alternatively, you can use a clip to clip the watch to a hook. Regardless of what you choose, be sure to get one that matches your watch.

  • Another great option is a belt bar. This type of chain slides on your belt or clips onto your pants. The chain itself looks like a small belt chain. You can also use a bolt ring on the outside of your waistcoat or shirt. It will be more durable than a chain.

  • Depending on your taste and your style, there are many options for a chain to fit your pocket watch. A classic pocket watch is usually only available with a single link, so this style is an excellent choice for casual male wear. A plated metal chain that is made with high-quality materials is also an excellent choice.

  • Whether you choose a gold tone or silver tone, there are plenty of designs to choose from. A traditional pocket watch will feature a woodland scene and monograms, while a more contemporary one will have a modern design that is not afraid to use pop culture references or cartoons. The style of the chain is completely up to you, but you should keep in mind how much you want it to look with your outfit.

  • Choose a chain that complements the color of your pocket watch. If you want a more casual look, choose a chain that will match your outfit. Then, clip the pocket watch to your waistcoat's buttonhole or belt loop. If you choose a modern style, you can replace the chain with a leather cord.
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Fob drop

When wearing a pocket watch, there are a number of techniques that you can try. For instance, you can thread the chain through a buttonhole on your lapel. 

Alternately, you can also clip the pocket watch on your shirt's breast pocket. This is a good option for less formal events when a suit jacket and waistcoat aren't necessary.

  • Pocket watches are a unique and stylish accessory for any outfit. They are also a great way to attract attention, which is why they are considered so exclusive by many people. However, it's important to wear the pocket watch correctly. You can wear it in a side pocket or a fob pocket, or you can wear it with a chain. Regardless of how you wear it, be sure to wear it properly, as wearing it in the wrong place will only make it look unprofessional.

  • When choosing a pocket watch chain, you need to choose a piece that matches the type of vest you are wearing. A Double-Albert pocket watch chain might look awkward on an asymmetric vest, but a basic vest will suit almost any chain style. The most common styles are the T-bar chain and the bolt ring chain, which attach through a buttonhole.

  • Pocket watches used to be worn with waistcoats, and this is still a common way to wear them. Men can wear the pocket watch by sliding it into the front pocket, and they can attach the chain to the waistcoat using a belt slide or a bolt ring. They can also wear them with a belt, which allows them to be hidden while wearing a blazer.

  • While not as common as they used to be, they are still an acceptable style for formal events. For example, wearing a pocket watch with a waistcoat is a traditional, timeless look that is perfect for a summer wedding. When worn properly, it will make you look sophisticated and stylish.

  • Besides wearing a pocket watch in the pocket, you can also wear one as a necklace. The size of the chain can make a difference in the way your watch is worn. When wearing a pocket watch as a necklace, you should choose a smaller model that fits into your side pocket. Then, you can clip the other end of the chain through a buttonhole on your dress shirt.
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How To Wear a Pocket Watch With a Suit?

Pocket watches can even be matched to suit if worn with sleeveless jeans. This is a slightly more traditional appearance that will make a strong impact at a work party or at a highly-respected event. Whether it's a 3-piece suit or a dress, there's always the option to put on the watch. Pocket watches chains are easily attached through jacket buttonholes and the watch will fit in your jacket pocket easily. If you don't like ringing your pants you can keep your watch securely in your trouser pocket.


Consider matching your suit with your pocket watch color. Warm hues such as light brown suit gold watch best. Grey or Blue matches better for Steel or Silver. It looks great when worn over a black dress or gold pocket watch.

How to wear a pocket watch for a wedding or formal event?

Oftentimes weddings are an important event for the man to reach for the pocketwatch. Pocket watches add upscale elegance to formal clothing and can be the best way to bring your wedding looks to the next level. The wedding watch guarantees a good impression.

How to wear a pocket watch with a Waistcoat?

A simple and elegant way of wearing a watch with a waistcoat is a wedding dress. Traditionally stylish this look makes the perfect choice for an elegant look. This is also perfect when you don’t like wearing full 3-piece clothing. For use in wedding jewelry a belt chain can be found on the above list: T bars or bolt ring chains. The other end can be inserted into your wallet and the other via an open waistband buttonhole. The watches are easily placed in your waistcoat pocket and a simple chain keeps them hidden from your eyes.

How can I wear a pocket watch with jeans?

It is great news for a guy wanting a pocket watch that does not need a dress, shirt or jeans. When you wear the Watch Pocket on jeans, simply slip the strap into your pockets and secure it on a strap with the buckle. Use a bolt-in connector and hook it into a short chain on your belt clip. It can be placed inside the chain or under the belt loop. We suggest that you put the pocket in front of your main hands so you can check the time faster. In a button-down shirt, you can attach this chain to the lower button on the shirt.

How to wear a pocket watch as a necklace?

Pocket watch names are written directly in their intended location: pockets. But there's no excuse for breaking tradition and carrying a pair on your shoulders. For use as a necklace or earrings remove the watch's chain. Keep an eye on the length of the chain as it should be able to carry watches and should be in similar colors as the one shown. For most pocket watches, shop jewelry chains from 4-6 millimeters. Steel is an excellent choice - they are silver-toned and are silver.


There are many ways to wear a pocket watch, and the best way depends on your personal style. Whether you choose a traditional method or something more modern, be sure to pick the right chain for your pocket watch.