This article will show you how to remove the links on your watch without using a watch tool. Instead of spending money on a watch tool, you can use common household items. These include a hammer and a foam piece. Once you have removed all of the links on one side of the watch, you will be left with a clasp that looks a little strange.

Automatic Watch with watch parts

Measure How Many Links to Remove

This first step has great significance. When I delete a link in the wrong place the watch will be lopsided. How do we measure links to be removed in one go? Gather everything and check how many links there are left. The clasp must remain within the band center. Instead of putting all links in the middle of the wristwatch, remove an equivalent quantity.

What are the tools you need?

Luckily you do not need any professional equipment if your goal was removal of watch links. Here is the best way for you to accomplish a lot of tasks. Use an uncluttered workspace. Keep in mind that there is a lot to lose.

Alternatives to buying watch link removal tools

  • If you're looking to save money, there are a few alternatives to buying watch link removal kits. These are generally inexpensive and readily available online. Many come with a watch band holder, which is great for keeping both hands free. You can also use household items such as a thumb tack or a regular hammer.

  • Another alternative is to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pry out the pins. However, a pair of pliers may not be as convenient. If you do not have access to needle-nose pliers, you can use a block of wood instead of a hammer. In addition to using a needle-nose plier, you can also use a hammer to pry out stuck pins.

Using common household items to remove watch links

  • If you are just starting to build a watch collection, you may not have thought about how to add or remove watch links. However, you should be able to make minor adjustments without using tools. It is also possible to use common household items to remove watch links, such as a hammer or pin pusher. This can save you up to $10-$20 per adjustment.

  • First of all, use a flat surface or workbench. A cluttered surface makes it easy to lose tiny parts, like watch links. Next, measure out the number of links you need to remove. You may need to remove several links, but first, remove a few. Getting a few links out at a time will make it easier to remove the rest.

  • To remove a watch link without a tool remove the cotter pins that hold the band to the case. Usually, the watch band has small arrows that show the direction of removal. Once you have removed the cotter pins, you can replace them by tapping the pins in the opposite direction. If you do not have a watch repair tool, you can purchase a watch repair kit to remove watch links without a tool. You can find a step-by-step guide in the kit.

Remove Watch Links with Sim Injector

  • Sim injectors are little items that many people have stored in their wallets. If you have no tools to remove watch links, you're gonna be able to use the above technique.

  • Before attempting this procedure you will need some simple metals to get into place. If you get back the bracelet, the pin must be there to keep it from being moved. As I said before, an injector device can help you get pins from watch bands. 

  • Keep a tray for securing pins. This helps to keep the tiny parts safe and not lost. Use fingers for pressing into pins with sim injectors.

How can I remove Folded Watch Links?

  1. This fold link can be easily identified and understood. Unless one examines bracelets from the other way the links cannot be seen. It is basically rolled sheet metal.

  2. The underlying structure is based on an internal core with removable pins. This results in similar results. As with all metal bracelets, the rest will be a one-way thing. 

  3. You can remove the bracelet from the micro adjustor to unlock it. This makes work easier. The bracelet may need removal from the bracelet. Place bracelets inside the skin facing the inner.

How to remove links from a Stretch Watchband?

  1. Place the watch on a soft surface so the bracelet is facing upward. Make sure that your screwdriver has enough room to slide underneath it. Remove the pins. 

  2. Remove the pins from both sides of the watch bracelet. Repeat this procedure until you have all links removed. It's time for the ring on your bracelet. 

  3. These pins can have little diameter which makes them useful when using a tweezer.

  4. Press links together, and pin both links simultaneously. Immediately insert it into the stretchband.
watch repair tool

Re-attaching The Links

  • After removing all the unnecessary links, the last link is inserted. The pin goes always opposite to the arrow.

  • Also, ensure that you check the arrow direction before you place them. Once your links are positioned, press the button. A bigger part of the pin may need shoves to get there. You can use pin pushers for pushing links.

  • Alternatively, you should insert pins in the links first to place the bracelet inside a piece of wood before attaching the bracelet. Ideally, the larger pin ends should be facing downwards. 

  • Use soft hammers and maybe nylon end, and give them several good tying.

Ultimate Solution: Watch Link Remover Kit

  1. Usually, every Watch Link Remover Kit includes a professional-grade watch strap detacher, 12 spare punch pins, and a metal watch band remover. It is ideal for repairing and resizing watches and is made of steel to handle a wide variety of types. The professional-quality, all-metal watch link remover is ideal for both amateur and professional watch repair.

  2. Watch Link Remover Kit also contains all the tools you need to repair any watch. The tools are made of steel and are very strong. They can be used to repair all types of watch bands and bracelets. They also come in a handy black carrying case. The kit is also easy to use, so it's great for DIY watch repair projects.

  3. Watch the holder to prevent it from wriggling while you work on it. The watch pins can fit different band sizes from 20mm to 30mm, and a polishing cloth is included with the kit. This watch link remover kit is one of the most comprehensive packages available.

  4. Pin pusher that can be used to remove watch links. The pin pusher is inserted into a hole in the watch, facing upward. The pin is then pushed out using pliers, and the pin and the link are removed.

How do I remove U-Shaped Watch Links?

  1. A pin of this shape is not often seen. Unfortunately, most watches have these links. 

  2. Links with U-shaped pins do not contain any little holes or spaces. The two sides appear a solid stacked layer. Similar to most metal watch the link has an arrow to indicate how the pin should be removed. 

  3. Place the bracelet in the back and put it up. Use a pin-pushing device or pointy pin with the plier. 

  4. Then use pliers to remove it. When pins are removed, delete links and continue. The pins must be replaced the way they appeared and the pins should be in the original location.


If you need to remove watch links, there are a few different ways you can do it without using a watch tool. You can use common household items like a hammer or a foam piece, or you can purchase a watch link remover kit. Be sure to follow the directions carefully so you don't damage your watch and your hands.