A watch winder is a device that keeps a wristwatch's mainspring wound. The device can either be battery-operated or plugged into an outlet. The basic idea behind a watch winder is to simulate the movements of a wristwatch by oscillating to keep the mainspring wound. 

Some winders rotate continuously, while others rotate in only one direction. Using a bi-directional watch winder may put undue stress on the movement of your watch.

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Watch winder motors

Mabuchi motors allow power to flow in tiny, measured increments from the mainspring, making them ideal for robotics applications. The mechanism is based on a snap-in terminal system, which means you can remove it without having to remove the motor. However, it is important to avoid touching the motor bearing, which can absorb oil and cause the motor to start defectively.

In contrast, in conventional motors, the power flow from the mainspring is constant, unless the power supply is broken. The mainspring may be broken, which will lead to the breakdown of the motor. 

The resulting damage to the motor and the resulting electrical malfunction is often irreparable. Therefore, it is important to select a motor with the right speed and torque. The correct torque will determine the efficiency of the motor.

How to pick a watch winder?

There are several different types of watch winders available. Some have special features, such as LED lighting, sleep mode, and fingerprint systems. Others can be controlled remotely. All of these features add a layer of luxury to the watch winder, but they will cost more. You can choose the watch winder that will best fit your needs by browsing a variety of different options.

Watch winders rotate continuously

A watch winder can rotate continuously for several hours or as long as 24 hours. This second method will improve the accuracy of your watch since the mainspring will be wound to the highest torque when it is fully wound. 

Moreover, a watch that is wound regularly will have more consistent running time. However, the second method will cost you more time, so it is important to know exactly how often you'll need to use your watch winder.

Size and shapes of watch winders

Watch winders come in different shapes and sizes. Some are small and compact, while others are large and bulky. A good watch winder can accommodate a large watch and still function efficiently

Many of these devices have beautiful designs and quality construction. You can choose the one that best matches your needs and complements the style of your home. You can even find watches winders with additional features, such as atomic-clock synchronization.

Focus on the motor

Different watch winders have different types of motors. Some use Japanese motors while others use German and Swiss motors. The best ones will be very quiet. Whether you buy a winder with a Swiss motor or a German or Japanese motor, you need to find one that meets your specific needs.

Rotation rate

The rotation rate of a watch winder is critical. A watch winder should rotate at least a quarter of its full speed. This will ensure proper winding and minimize the wear on the motor. 

You can adjust the speed and direction of the rotation by using a mode switch. The main power switch is often located in the same vicinity as the mode switch. The first setting is for a clockwise rotation, while the second is for a counter-clockwise rotation.

DIY watch winders

A watch winder can be homemade, or you can purchase a kit from an established manufacturer. 

The construction kit includes an old CD drive, an empty peanut can, a rubber band, and other parts. The rotor is held in place by a small spring and rotates to keep the watch wound. 

If you have an automatic watch, you will need to wind it regularly to ensure that watch is working properly.

A high-quality watch winder should have time control and a slipping mechanism to prevent over-winding. This mechanism is important, as it will eventually wear out if it is stressed too much.

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Watch winder keeps your watch's power reserve topped off

Watch winders are designed to keep your watch's power reserve at a healthy level, so it will last for a long time. These devices are useful for automatic watches that can't be wound manually. They can maintain a power reserve of up to 200 hours when used with batteries. If you're unsure of the power reserve of your watch, you can contact your jeweler for help.

While most mechanical watches have a power reserve of 40 to 50 hours, there are several ways to maximize your watch's power reserve. One way to increase the power reserve of your watch is to purchase an expensive watch that features a highly complex movement. If you have a complex watch, you'll need to regularly wind it.

In order to keep your watch's power reserve full, you must wind the crown 30 to 40 times. In addition, you should always use a watch winder to keep the mainspring from becoming completely unwound. This prevents your watch from having to use its power reserve to power the movement.

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Besides keeping your watch's power reserve full, watch winders can also keep the battery life of your watch at a healthy level. They come in two basic types

  • AC-powered winders and DC-powered watch winders. 
  • While AC watch winders work on a standard wall outlet, DC watch winders can run on batteries. In both cases, you should make sure the watch winder is set to run counterclockwise.

The cost of watch winders

Watch winders can be purchased at many different prices. A high-end watch winder is likely to have an antimagnetic coating to protect your watch against magnetization. The cheaper versions, however, will be made of plastic and won't feel as luxurious.

When purchasing a watch winder, make sure to purchase one that can accommodate your watch's power reserve. It's important to check the accuracy of your watch periodically

If your watch isn't keeping accurate time, you may need to adjust its TPD or even take it to a watchmaker.

If you have a mechanical watch, you may need to use a watch winder to keep its power reserve full. It is important to wear your watch daily, even if it's just for a few hours at a time. However, if you wear it only occasionally, you'll lose its power reserve.


The watch winder can be used for many things but we can look at it in detail. Check out the most common question answers.

Is it safe to leave a watch on a watch for days or weeks at a time?

Almost everybody isn't wearing a watch every single day. Increasing numbers of people collect watches to provide wrist protection. So this question comes up quite often. The answer depends upon how much wind power you use. The automatic gearing is slip-locked to prevent overwinding. But by winding continuously, the motors are more stable. Run for ten days then shut down. Programmable timers make perfect solutions available. The winder can be easily operated via a smartphone. Several popular Swiss Automatic Winders and Motors are listed here.

Tell me the difference between a good bird and a bad bird.

Winders are priced at an affordable rate! Be aware of your requirements before purchasing. '. A winder with a high-speed motor is expected with highly programmed TPD and direction settings. It is possible to buy good winders with less features except for setting TPD. Make sure that your winders are able to pay up to $100 per hour. It's an excellent illustration to say, “it comes to what you're paying”. Keep away from inexpensive winders.


Also known as turnings each day, winding cycles are turns that internal rotation requires for the watch to be properly wound. Most automatic watches require winding at 5000 to 800 turns every single day, but most new automatic watch models have larger power reserves and require over 1,000 turns every day.

Is a watch WINDER causing a watch to scream?

It is likely that using watch winders will slow the watch down quicker than it would when worn off. A watch winder can help improve performance with the proper daily TPD as it helps improve life expectancy.


If you're looking for a way to keep your watch's power reserve full, or if you want to extend the battery life of your watch, a watch winder is a great option. There are many different types and styles of watch winders available, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.